The two-calendar setup!

Hi guys!

For all of you that saw my last video about the Gillio and the Filofax, thanks for all of the lovely responses! I received some questions about my two-calendar Gillio setup so here are two pictures to clarify!

First of all, I use a week per page as a general overview. I colour-code everything: pink for personal (did I mention I am a pink freak?), purple for my home based business and extra courses, blue for work, green for my son.


On this overview I just note, well, where I am and any major appointments I have. Just to have two weeks at a glance, and since I have a co-parenting agreement with my ex, it’s easy to see when my son is with me or not, etcetera.

Then, I use a day per page for an overview of my day. I try to fill it out the night before. I divide the pages in half so I put appointments on the left and to do’s and reminders on the right.


I’ve used an A5 for years and I think this is the only way to make the smaller size work for me!

I have a year fold-out page in my A5 and I’m tempted to put one in my personal as well… But I haven’t so far 😉

xoxo M.


One thought on “The two-calendar setup!

  1. Are these both in the same Filofax or in separate Filofaxes? Until recently, I had this set-up in my A5 Holborn Zip, but it got too heavy and bulky, so I am now experimenting with having the week-on-2 pages in one A5 Filofax (Fusion) and the day-per-page + notes in my A5 Holborn Zip. It’s working really well so far. I take both to work, but only take the Fusion when I got out at the weekend – it has all the information I need.

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