Superficial Sunday: my Vuittons

I adore Vuitton. OK, not as much as I adore FIlofaxes and GIllio’s and washi tape… But it’s a close call. I also think they are greatly overpriced. I mean, it’s not even leather! But still. I adore them.

I wanted a real Vuitton for ages. I’d buy a fake one on holiday in Turkey, only to throw it away after two or three months: the stitching undone, the handles dirty beyond repair… Those fakes are not meant to last forever.

One of the clients of my little beauty salon owned 3 Vuitton bags, a wallet and a credit card holder. And also a lot of nice bags from Delvaux, which is (if I recall it correctly) a Belgian designer brand that is even more expensive than Vuitton, but all leather. I envied her bags every time she would come for her appointment. But then one day, she asked me: would you like to buy one of them? It was the Delightful MM in monogram. It looked like new. And guess what? She would sell it to me for only 100€. What a bargain! Of course I said yes.

And… this story went on and on in the weeks and months after that first purchase. She wanted to go ‘all Delvaux’ and ended up selling her entire collection to me! OK, it cost me all of my savings, haha, but what an investment: I now own a Delightful MM in monogram, a Neverful MM in damier azur, and… A Speedy 35 in damier ebene!! My dream purse!

Besides those 3 bags (one in each print, how lucky am I?), I bought her wallet and her credit card holder too. Twose five things together cost me, I think, about 600€ (spread out over the course of half a year). But they are worth well over 2000€! So I like to see it as a very good investment πŸ˜‰

Like with my Filofaxes, I’ve never been very loyal to my purses or handbags. But since the Vuitton’s, I’ve only used them! So all of my other purses are just lying around, lonely… I should try to sell them online, I think. There is just nothing compared to a real Vuitton!

Sorry but I don’t have my camera with me, I’ll post some pictures later on.Β 

What are your superficial addictions?

xoxo M.


3 thoughts on “Superficial Sunday: my Vuittons

  1. I too had a couple fake ones, bought during a “purse party” – and regretted it for the same reasons you cite, as well as for the fact that it is just unethical to support these fake vendors… but I have discovered the real thing through the fabulous YouTube videos of Queen Kattz ( Now I think… someday! I only know about her because she also did this great Filofax unboxing:

  2. Regards, I to am a Vuitton addict…..I purchased my first bag in 1988 which was a Speedy in the monogram. The monogram is my favorite because it has should a classy look. I also bought a wallet,key holder and coin purse with my first purchase. Many years went by before I purchased anymore Vuitton products. So needless to say I am the PROUD owner of a Neverfull GM in monogram, Neverfull MM in the Damier Ebene, and a Zippy wallet in monogram. I love then all and purses and bags. I have a Alexander Wang black Rocco..Celine bag in black that I simply adore and several Coach bags πŸ‘›πŸ‘œπŸ’°

  3. I love your idea of Superficial Sundays. I’m an LV and Filofax lover too – and pretty much all things girly or stationery related. We have the same “passions”. πŸ™‚ I have the same Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene with matching checkbook style wallet. It has my initials embossed on it. My husband got them for me a couple of years ago for Valentine’s (after years of begging for one). Then I have a classic Cabas Mezzo tote in the LV signature logo that used to belong to my mom. Love them both! I’d love to get another one day…or perhaps a LV planner! Because of you, I ordered my first Gillio in beige and I’m counting down the days till it gets here. If we lived in the same country I think we’d be BFFs! Great blog!

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