My day at Gillio, part two

Tom and Mieke of Gillio were very kind to show me how their ring mechanism works – I explained to them that a lot of Philofaxy-people have had ring issues and that “buyers remorse” often comes from receiving a planner with gaps in their rings… The dissapointment after saving up for a planner, waiting for it and then receiving a faulty item is just indescribable, I have had to send items back on several occasions too.

Their planners come with a lifetime warranty, and in the rare occasion that ring issues would present (they hardly ever receive complaints!), you can just replace the rings yourself, after receiving a new set of rings from them.

Replacing my own rings? I’m no Bob the Builder, so I looked at them like they came from another planet. Apparently it’s not that hard, and Tom just took a planner apart to show me!

First of all: a close-up of rings from some random planners I took out: as you can so, no misalignment whatsoever.

IMG_1975 IMG_1992

Then, taking a planner apart. No planners were hurt during the making of these pictures! ;-D


Their ring mechanism is, apparently, different than what other brands use. As you can see, the rings slide on to some hooks that are fixed inside the backpiece. A very sturdy system, no screws through the leather.


The back of the ring-rail has some metal pieces that have to point slightly upwards, as shown here:


And then you can just slide them unto the mechanism:


… And slide upwards with both hands until you hear the clicking sound:


And you are done!

Tom will make his first attempt at a YT video (won’t you, Tom? :-p) showing you exactly how to do it. This way, if any issues would arise, you can change them at home without having to ship your planner back to Belgium… (Which you can, of course, still do if you don’t trust your own ring-changeing abilities!)


5 thoughts on “My day at Gillio, part two

  1. Most of the vintage Filofax organisers I’ve seen or used have that sliding latch system or a variation on it, going back to the original Winchesters up to the early 90s. I would surmise that it was phased out except on the high end binders because of cost – a couple of rivets being cheaper than a complex two-piece mechanism. Which is of course typically shortsighted and has led to the raft of ring issues and returns of which people complain! Those Gillio binders do look very lovely though…

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