A little Filo-Flashing…

… Or should I say; Gillio-Flashing?

Between all of the gorgeous planners I saw at Gillio, I couldn’t stop to think: they all look so NEW; I like mine a tiny bit scuffed, used and abused. Just to have that ‘I’m an avid user’-feeling.

Like many of you, I never get to this stage because I switch them out so often…:-)

Then, I saw Tom’s planner… 



10 thoughts on “A little Filo-Flashing…

  1. O I like the well loved ones too! Thank you for sharing the Gillio brand. I think they are beautful!

    I want to ask you something a little more private; could you send me an e-mail?

  2. Oh my goodness! It’s beautiful! I’m the same way…I simply love the look of a well-used planner but I love planners so much that I have many of them so they never get worn!!! I just ordered a Gillio planner and can’t wait to get it! But as soon as I saw the picture of Tom’s planner I almost kicked myself for not ordering a brown one! Ah well – I’m sure I’ll love the croco blue one that will be heading my way soon!

    I love your blog and your videos!!!! Keep them coming!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to such a lovely brand of planners! I hope to have a Gillio in my collection someday. I, too, lust over photos of old, decrepit binders with snagged edges all plump with paper, all yellowed over with time. Sadly, I can never stick to just one.

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