DIY A4 organiser

A while back, I was looking for an A4 organiser. The Filofaxes available were all dull in colour, or just too expensive. Plus: I didn’t know if the big size would work for me. So spening over €200 on a ‘try’ was too much for me. I decided to make one myself with some left-over fabric, an A4 4-ring-folder and my mom to show me how to operate her sewing machine 😉

It’s not perfect, the stitching needs work and after using it for some time I can think of other pockets and functions it would need if I ever made another one. But it works!

I use it for the FM Academy that I teach: it holds all of my course materials, the course schedule, adresses of all of the venues my trainings take place and also the attendee lists. I only carry it when I’m on the road for trainings, and the participants are always very curious to see what that folder is all about 🙂

IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0316