Pocket size Gillio Mia Cara in Gold

So, it was about time I adopted another Gillio baby, don’t you think?

The little story behind my gorgeous Mia Cara in Pocket size, for those who missed it:

I had a Pocket Amica in Croco Brown, limited edition shiny croco. I’d been using it as a wallet and that went super. But still, seeing all of the binders with golden rings… It gave me the ‘wanties’. So, I asked Tom at Gillio to put in gold rings. When I went to him to do that, we discovered that it had a different ring mechanism in it! It was a discontinued, limited edition binder from a couple of years ago. So we couldn’t put the rings back in… Just my luck!

Tom immediately took it to their workshop in Brussels to have it repaired, but apparently it couldn’t be done without doing a full “binder-opsy” on the poor thing and slicing it open to replace the inside. So I asked him to switch & upgrade to a Mia Cara!

I will show some set-up pictures later on… Love how it is already getting its patina (see picture of the back: the strap is lighter than the rest) – I chose the one that was in the window display. I fell in love with it!

Some pictures for you to drool over!

(Sorry for the crappy layout & background – I was being a lazy ass lying on my bed when I unboxed… :-D)

IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604

I did a little pen test for you: from left to right: 4 colour BIC pen, 4 barrel Coleto pen, and even a 5 barrel Coleto pen without any trouble!


/enabling alert/

Stop drooling people! Order NOW before they are sold out!

/end of enabling/

(I don’t have to write the disclaimer thingie that I am not on the Gillio payroll and they are not sending me checks to say this and blablablablabla… You all know me by now, right? ;-p)


Save the date!

Wonderful guys & gals: take out your planners, your favourite writing gear (and some financial paper to start saving up for it!):



from Friday, November 29th ’till Sunday, December 1st.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: ecoobe.com

Source: ecoobe.com

I’m still in the middle of all of the arrangements, but we will be entertaining ourselves with following activities:

Friday: evening dinner in the wonderful center of Antwerp, some drinks and sightseeing, AND some special guests…!

Saturday: put on your most comfy shoes for some serious SHOPPING throughout Antwerp & Wijnegem Shopping Center (home of… GOLDPEN by Gillio, of course!)

Source: paradiseintheworld.com

Source: paradiseintheworld.com

Source: goldpen.be

Source: goldpen.be

Source: antwerpsekempen.be

Source: antwerpsekempen.be

Lunch & dinner I’m still organising… Depending on how many of you are joining us 🙂

There will be plenty of time to talk, eat and drink, get to know eachother and exchange ideas!

On Sunday, shops are closed here (yes, I know, absolutely terrible!) but depending on the people that are still here on Sunday, I have some activities planned you will read more about in future posts! (Arrangement still to be made…)

If all else fails, there will be plenty of time to discover the city of Antwerp, the harbour, the old center, the wonderful museums, etc.

Hotel arrangements: there are plenty of small hotels and B&B’s in Antwerp, but in my experience, good value for money is IBIS Antwerpen Centrum, where you can stay two nights as from €130. If you share a room that would only be about €65 for each person… A bargain, right? 😉

Transport: Antwerp Central Station is easiest by train; if you are flying in, you can fly to Brussels (Zaventem), Charleroi, and even Eindhoven (the Netherlands) which is only an hour from Antwerp. Check what the cheapest flights are, and let me know, I might be able to pick you up at the airport!


Now. Who’s with me?



Jonesing for the Deco

I’m sure all of you FF lovers out there will understand me. Sometimes, out of nowhere, a sudden urge emerges. A want, a need, a craving, a desire, whatever you want to call it: you suddenly feel that you *must* have something. In our cases, mostly a specific type of planner, whether it be a size you don’t have yet, a colour you fell in love with (Aqua Malden anyone?), or just some crazy Belgian chick showing you Gillio goodies online (sorry!). But that feeling emerges out of nowhere and takes over your mind completely.

When that happens to me, I can usually satisfy the sensation by overgoogling the specific item, watching YouTube videos, reading online reviews and then going to bed. The next days are then crucial in the process: were my itches scratched with all of the googling and YouTubing, or has that only ignited a bigger flame?

In the first case, I’m happy I didn’t act in the moment and have not ordered it right away. Because in this ‘I WANT’ buzz, you are sure to get buyer’s remorse if you don’t think it through. Money does not grow on trees so if you are watching your budget like me, you don’t want to spend the money you saved for Happy Shopping on something you’ll regret buying later.

But in the second case, after hours of googling, pinteresting, instagramming and iWanting, you decide to get it. New, second-hand, swap, whatever. I was very lucky yesterday that after jonesing the Personal Deco for several months (interrupted by the whole Gillio craze) I decided yesterday that I wanted to get it after all. Not as a planner, because personal size does NOT work for me, but as a journal. My gorgeous A5 green Gillio Amica is superstuffed with life and work, but has no room left for journaling, storing keepsakes, drawing and collecting memories. And in my mind, a journal has a very big lock/clasp 😉

So after googling and annoying you guys with my ranting that I wanted, no NEEDED to find a Personal Deco (in whatever colour but preferable Ivory), the lovely Nati Zou messaged me that she would sell me hers. It should be here beginning of next week, so my vacation can start with some lovely crafty journaling!

And if you don’t know what all the fuss is about, check out these beautiful pictures from Laurie! http://www.flickr.com/photos/plannerisms/sets/72157622672507897/

I blame my mother.

Yes, mom. I blame you.

After all of this planner-madness the last couple of weeks, I started to think about the very beginning. When did the planner-addiction start? When (or why?) did I get so obsessed with paper planners, Filofaxes, to do lists and other ‘systems’?

My mom bought me my first ever Filofax when I was turning 13. The year was 1997, people, I’d almost finished my first year in highschool, and the exams in June were coming up. My birthday is in June as well, so: exams on my birthday, and not a whole lot of time to celebrate. I remember vividly: that first year, I had an exam of Latin on my birthday… Joy, oh joy.

About two weeks before my birthday, my mom picked me up from school. I don’t remember why, but we went to this stationery shop near my school. They had a very cute Filofax in Pocket size, called ‘Active’:

Active FF 1997 (thanks Steve Morton for helping me find the picture!)

I fell in love with it, and my mom got it for me. Too early, my birthday wasn’t for another two weeks, but she said: ‘This way, you can plan your exams.’

It sounded like a magical solution, a self-fulfilling prophecy that actually worked because I started filling out the papers like crazy, making a schedule and fabricating my own inserts. After this planner came another, and after that many, many, MANY more.

Today I have about 4 planners, and 1 on Adspot so I won’t count that one. One as my wallet, one for personal stuff, one for work, one for storage. I use an iPad, iPhone and iWhatnot, have spent some money on organising apps but I always, always come back to paper and pens. Like all of us, I switch out inserts, switch between sizes and uses… But I need paper. I need to write, to create, to be creative, to design and paste stickers and washi tape (for that, I blame you guys.)…

I agree with the post in the Philofaxy group on FB: there should be a FiloFanatics Anonymous group. We’d all schedule in the appointments and never miss a date, of course 😉

So mom, thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of planners. Love you.

Hi, my name is Mella and I’m an addict.

“Hi, Mella.”

I admit it: I have an addiction. Well, who am I kidding… I have several. They cost me a lot of money and to be honest, they make me very happy.

What are they? Well, in random order: Filofaxes! Stationary! Pens! Handbags! Purses! Wallets! Make-up! Shoes! iGadgets!

Not all of these addictions have the same proportions as some of the other, but… You get the picture.

I’ve been blogging for several years now, and I decided it was time to ‘go international’ and start a blog in English so I could share all of my happy times with the rest of the world, especially with the oh so lovely people of the Philofaxy-community.

So here’s to you, and here’s to writing about my crazy adventures and quests for the perfect accessories… and happiness.

xoxo M