Pocket size Gillio Mia Cara in Gold

So, it was about time I adopted another Gillio baby, don’t you think?

The little story behind my gorgeous Mia Cara in Pocket size, for those who missed it:

I had a Pocket Amica in Croco Brown, limited edition shiny croco. I’d been using it as a wallet and that went super. But still, seeing all of the binders with golden rings… It gave me the ‘wanties’. So, I asked Tom at Gillio to put in gold rings. When I went to him to do that, we discovered that it had a different ring mechanism in it! It was a discontinued, limited edition binder from a couple of years ago. So we couldn’t put the rings back in… Just my luck!

Tom immediately took it to their workshop in Brussels to have it repaired, but apparently it couldn’t be done without doing a full “binder-opsy” on the poor thing and slicing it open to replace the inside. So I asked him to switch & upgrade to a Mia Cara!

I will show some set-up pictures later on… Love how it is already getting its patina (see picture of the back: the strap is lighter than the rest) – I chose the one that was in the window display. I fell in love with it!

Some pictures for you to drool over!

(Sorry for the crappy layout & background – I was being a lazy ass lying on my bed when I unboxed… :-D)

IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604

I did a little pen test for you: from left to right: 4 colour BIC pen, 4 barrel Coleto pen, and even a 5 barrel Coleto pen without any trouble!


/enabling alert/

Stop drooling people! Order NOW before they are sold out!

/end of enabling/

(I don’t have to write the disclaimer thingie that I am not on the Gillio payroll and they are not sending me checks to say this and blablablablabla… You all know me by now, right? ;-p)


NIAS – stationery shop in Brussels

Hello lovelies,

when I went to another meeting at Gillio beginning of June, Tom was so kind to point out that there was actually a HUGE stationery shop just around their corner! I don’t visit Brussels often and I’s never heard of it, it’s called NIAS. They have Filofax and Gillio and soooooooo many other things.

I’m not going to waste your time writing about it, it’s stationery walhalla, I will let the many many many pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!

2013-06-13 15.23.01 2013-06-13 15.23.07 2013-06-13 15.23.29 2013-06-13 15.24.04 2013-06-13 15.24.40 2013-06-13 15.25.53 2013-06-13 15.26.06 2013-06-13 15.26.37 2013-06-13 15.26.42 2013-06-13 15.28.50 2013-06-13 15.29.31 2013-06-13 15.29.38 2013-06-13 15.29.57 2013-06-13 15.30.10 2013-06-13 15.30.23 2013-06-13 15.31.00 2013-06-13 15.31.31 2013-06-13 15.33.28 2013-06-13 15.33.46 2013-06-13 15.33.49 2013-06-13 15.35.31 2013-06-13 15.36.51 2013-06-13 15.36.58 2013-06-13 15.37.06 2013-06-13 15.38.24 2013-06-13 15.38.30 2013-06-13 15.44.47

My day at Gillio, part one

Holy guacamole. Have I had the best day EVER yesterday, or what?

(Just a quick disclaimer: I have in no way been payed to write these posts… Just out of my own planner-freakishness!)

For those of you that haven’t seen my ranting on the Philofaxy FB page: I went to Gillio yesterday. That is: to their walhalla of leather goods in the center of Brussels here in Belgium. After the planner that I bought in their shop in Antwerp, and my YouTube videos, they contacted me because of the many requests they were getting for information about their planners from all over the world! The power of the Philofaxy community…

I thought I would just spend a few hours there, but I ended up staying the entire day. I just couldn’t leave, I told them I just wanted to move into their shop permanently! I have enough stuff to tell you for a couple of YT videos and a couple of blog posts, and I will try to divide them by subject. Part one today: my visit to their shop.

Their lovely little shop is located in the Galeries Louise in the (expensive) center of Brussels. They have quite a lot of window displays, luring you in to see all of their magnificent leather goods, pens and more:

IMG_1998 IMG_1999

I met with Tom and Mieke there, part of the small family business that is Gillio… Wonderful people who took literally all day to show me their entire collection and ‘feed my fixation’ of planners and leather. They’ve been making these wonderful planners for over 15 years, and everything they do just beams craftsmanship: hand made goods, naturally coloured leather (70 days in a colour bath!), top notch finishings… Having the time to inspect everything from close by really convinced me: these people don’t settle for anything less than quality.

IMG_1985 IMG_1987

I myself had bought a ‘Compagna’ planner a couple of weeks ago, in Croco Grey. For me, these planners stand out because of their extra pockets and beautiful extra patch of leather at the inside (see my YT video) but now, I got to take a look at their other planners, colours and sizes.

The Compagna in A5 is stunning. I use a Filofax Finchley in Raspberry A5, too, and comparing that with these is just, well, comparing apple sause to apples 🙂

IMG_1968 IMG_1969

The Fuchsia A5 immediately caught my eye as I am a pink addict…


The Red is actually some kind of coral-colour between red and orange, I have to be honest, this picture isn’t comepletely doing it justice…



The Brown was just gorgeous… Would be a great office binder, now I think of it…



For those who wanted to know the difference between my planner’s colour and the beige: on the left Grey, on the left the Beige – you see that mine is not so ‘yellowish’…

IMG_1971 IMG_1972


They also have a ‘Slim’ series with smaller rings… Pretty, but how on earth do people fit their life in there?

That’s it for now, I have some special treats for you on the YT video I will post tonight, after my son goes to sleep…!



Hi, my name is Mella and I’m an addict.

“Hi, Mella.”

I admit it: I have an addiction. Well, who am I kidding… I have several. They cost me a lot of money and to be honest, they make me very happy.

What are they? Well, in random order: Filofaxes! Stationary! Pens! Handbags! Purses! Wallets! Make-up! Shoes! iGadgets!

Not all of these addictions have the same proportions as some of the other, but… You get the picture.

I’ve been blogging for several years now, and I decided it was time to ‘go international’ and start a blog in English so I could share all of my happy times with the rest of the world, especially with the oh so lovely people of the Philofaxy-community.

So here’s to you, and here’s to writing about my crazy adventures and quests for the perfect accessories… and happiness.

xoxo M