You guys are everywhere!

I knew there were FiloFanatics all over the world, but this is just crazy. Sorry for the long post but… This is cool 😉

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A little Filo-Flashing…

… Or should I say; Gillio-Flashing?

Between all of the gorgeous planners I saw at Gillio, I couldn’t stop to think: they all look so NEW; I like mine a tiny bit scuffed, used and abused. Just to have that ‘I’m an avid user’-feeling.

Like many of you, I never get to this stage because I switch them out so often…:-)

Then, I saw Tom’s planner… 


Superficial Sunday: my Vuittons

I adore Vuitton. OK, not as much as I adore FIlofaxes and GIllio’s and washi tape… But it’s a close call. I also think they are greatly overpriced. I mean, it’s not even leather! But still. I adore them.

I wanted a real Vuitton for ages. I’d buy a fake one on holiday in Turkey, only to throw it away after two or three months: the stitching undone, the handles dirty beyond repair… Those fakes are not meant to last forever.

One of the clients of my little beauty salon owned 3 Vuitton bags, a wallet and a credit card holder. And also a lot of nice bags from Delvaux, which is (if I recall it correctly) a Belgian designer brand that is even more expensive than Vuitton, but all leather. I envied her bags every time she would come for her appointment. But then one day, she asked me: would you like to buy one of them? It was the Delightful MM in monogram. It looked like new. And guess what? She would sell it to me for only 100€. What a bargain! Of course I said yes.

And… this story went on and on in the weeks and months after that first purchase. She wanted to go ‘all Delvaux’ and ended up selling her entire collection to me! OK, it cost me all of my savings, haha, but what an investment: I now own a Delightful MM in monogram, a Neverful MM in damier azur, and… A Speedy 35 in damier ebene!! My dream purse!

Besides those 3 bags (one in each print, how lucky am I?), I bought her wallet and her credit card holder too. Twose five things together cost me, I think, about 600€ (spread out over the course of half a year). But they are worth well over 2000€! So I like to see it as a very good investment 😉

Like with my Filofaxes, I’ve never been very loyal to my purses or handbags. But since the Vuitton’s, I’ve only used them! So all of my other purses are just lying around, lonely… I should try to sell them online, I think. There is just nothing compared to a real Vuitton!

Sorry but I don’t have my camera with me, I’ll post some pictures later on. 

What are your superficial addictions?

xoxo M.

The two-calendar setup!

Hi guys!

For all of you that saw my last video about the Gillio and the Filofax, thanks for all of the lovely responses! I received some questions about my two-calendar Gillio setup so here are two pictures to clarify!

First of all, I use a week per page as a general overview. I colour-code everything: pink for personal (did I mention I am a pink freak?), purple for my home based business and extra courses, blue for work, green for my son.


On this overview I just note, well, where I am and any major appointments I have. Just to have two weeks at a glance, and since I have a co-parenting agreement with my ex, it’s easy to see when my son is with me or not, etcetera.

Then, I use a day per page for an overview of my day. I try to fill it out the night before. I divide the pages in half so I put appointments on the left and to do’s and reminders on the right.


I’ve used an A5 for years and I think this is the only way to make the smaller size work for me!

I have a year fold-out page in my A5 and I’m tempted to put one in my personal as well… But I haven’t so far 😉

xoxo M.