Pocket size Gillio Mia Cara in Gold

So, it was about time I adopted another Gillio baby, don’t you think?

The little story behind my gorgeous Mia Cara in Pocket size, for those who missed it:

I had a Pocket Amica in Croco Brown, limited edition shiny croco. I’d been using it as a wallet and that went super. But still, seeing all of the binders with golden rings… It gave me the ‘wanties’. So, I asked Tom at Gillio to put in gold rings. When I went to him to do that, we discovered that it had a different ring mechanism in it! It was a discontinued, limited edition binder from a couple of years ago. So we couldn’t put the rings back in… Just my luck!

Tom immediately took it to their workshop in Brussels to have it repaired, but apparently it couldn’t be done without doing a full “binder-opsy” on the poor thing and slicing it open to replace the inside. So I asked him to switch & upgrade to a Mia Cara!

I will show some set-up pictures later on… Love how it is already getting its patina (see picture of the back: the strap is lighter than the rest) – I chose the one that was in the window display. I fell in love with it!

Some pictures for you to drool over!

(Sorry for the crappy layout & background – I was being a lazy ass lying on my bed when I unboxed… :-D)

IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604

I did a little pen test for you: from left to right: 4 colour BIC pen, 4 barrel Coleto pen, and even a 5 barrel Coleto pen without any trouble!


/enabling alert/

Stop drooling people! Order NOW before they are sold out!

/end of enabling/

(I don’t have to write the disclaimer thingie that I am not on the Gillio payroll and they are not sending me checks to say this and blablablablabla… You all know me by now, right? ;-p)


Damn you, Gillio! ;-) More stuff to review (1)

The ever so kind people at Gillio must, by now, know my weakness for whatever beautiful leather goods hold their name. I live way to close to Wijnegem Shopping Center and they make their displays so beautifully attractive, it’s a surprise I haven’t taken out an extra mortgage out on my appartment to empty their stock!

Luckily, they are a big bunch of enablers (takes one to know one…) and they provided me with a lovely selection of OTHER leather goods (not planners) to review.

I promise to make a YT video as well, but for now I’m still in holiday, its 32° in here and my son does NOT want to sit inside and watch mommy make video’s, he wants to go outside, to the beach, the playground and the pool. Who can blame him.

So! Enabling, chapter 459.

Three wonderful products in my possesion to review today.

First of all: a small key pouch.


I am a classic case of ADD sometimes, I have the attention span of a mosquito and I put my stuff in super obvious places which I then immediately forget. I couldn’t find my EDC items in the morning if it could save my life. On more then one occasion have I locked myself out of my appartment because my keys were AGAIN left on the inside of the door.

I decided to keep a spare set of keys in my purse-of-the-moment. I just have to protect myself against my own stupidity sometimes.

But keeping keys in your purse inclines they may cause damage to your other stuff in there – the screen of your phone, or -god forbid!- the beautiful leather planner(s) you keep in there.

This pretty little thing (going on the wishlist!!) will keep my keys from scratching anything, while making them super easy to find in the Mary Poppins-style bags I carry around.

IMG_0445 IMG_0446
Next (all beautifully boxed and protected by either cloth or a dustbag, depending on the item) is…

The wallet!

IMG_0447 IMG_0448

Now, I carry a pocket Gillio planner as a wallet, but this baby is trying to lure me over to the dark side. I’m just a big fan of the croco, but this wallet obviously comes in different colours, both in Croco and Epoca leather. It has a beautifully classic, almost minimalistic design, that focusses on portability and practicality. I think it is beautiful and would love to get one in pink croco! Going on the wishlist… Oh dear.

On the inside, you will find ten card slots (more than I need!) and two seperate compartments for paper money and receipts. This is what’s interesting for me: the two big compartments. I like to keep grocery cash seperate from shopping cash. This would do the trick!

IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451

It also has a very large coin pocket, which closes with a popper button. It’s big enough to hold credit cards as well – I usually keep my coins in a seperate coin purse so I might keep my most used credit cards in here, for example.

And, last but certainly not least… Tom knows me too well. Saving up for this baby!

The large wallet…

Why, oh why, dear Tom, did you give me the grey croco one. Why. You KNOW that that is my weakness. Sigh.

IMG_0453 IMG_0454

This large wallet is roughly the same size as my Vuitton zippy wallet, although this one is more ‘slim’ in size. Not too big or bulky at all.

There is an easy-access compartment in front of the wallet – perfect for your parking ticket or something else you would need to take out frequently.

On the inside, you will find a zipped coin compartment in the middle of the wallet, and 4 credit card slots on either side, as well as a full-length compartment on either side.IMG_0456  IMG_0459

It is a true piece of beauty and like the other items, is available in different kinds of leather and different colours.

Still to come: HANDBAGS! PURSES! BAGS!

Go bury your credit cards, ladies…



Filofax Deco in Ivory

Beginning of this year, I stepped into Goldpen here in Wijnegem Shopping Center with my mom and asked the nice man there (aka Tom of Gillio) if they sold Deco’s. He totally lured me over to the dark side and Gillio-mania began, but I still wanted the Deco to serve as my diary, journal and on-the-go planner.

Last week, the wonderful Nati Zou sent me her personal sized Deco in Ivory after I’d been looking for one for quite a while. Here are some up close & personal (pun intended) pictures of the newest addition to my collection… I’m becoming quite the collector, although I’ve always screamed being a one-planner-girl… I guess that’s the influence Philofaxy-people are having on me! 🙂

As I still had the Croco Grey Compagna (before sending it out to the winner of my giveaway on YouTube), I thought I’d include some pictures comparing the two as they look a lot alike.

Picture heavy post!

First of all: here she is, my beautiful Deco. I’ve never been any good at naming my planners so I won’t 😉

It arrived in perfect condition with perfect rings, thanks Nati…

2013-07-15 21.23.08 2013-07-15 21.23.16 2013-07-15 21.23.29 2013-07-15 21.23.35
The inside is lined with beautiful cream-coloured suède. It has one pen loop on the left but being right-handed, that’s not really a practical place for it to be – for me.

I keep my Swarovski pen in there but I usually carry a little pen bag around with Frixions so I only use it to scribble something on my post-it dashboard.

2013-07-15 21.26.07 2013-07-15 21.26.19 2013-07-15 21.26.36

On the left there are several credit card pockets, one large pocket and a zipped compartment, which is quite stiff – not suited for use as a wallet, I think. It would take me too long to get any cash out.

2013-07-15 21.27.26 2013-07-15 21.27.08
The planner came stuffed with beautiful cotton cream inserts – I’ve never had these before but they are stunning, and so much easier to write on then the plain white ones… I wonder if they come in A5 too?

There is To Do-paper:

2013-07-15 21.27.41

Ruled note paper (ideal for journalling, with the little box at the top of the papers to write the date!)

2013-07-15 21.27.56

Plain note paper, more journalling-ideas coming up…

2013-07-15 21.28.03

Mileage-log paper (never seen those before!):

2013-07-15 21.28.26

And tabbed telephone papers – I think I might store some internet password clues in there.

2013-07-15 21.28.43

In the back, there is one large pocket, envelope-style, with a popper button. I’m storing keepsakes in there (cards, movie tickets, …)

2013-07-15 21.29.10 2013-07-15 21.29.44
It’s also made of this wonderfully soft suède material, love how the colour slightly changes when you rub it!

2013-07-15 21.29.23
And finally, compared to the Gillio Medium Compagna in Croco Grey.

As you see, the colour is almost identical, I’d say the Deco has a more yellow-ish tone of beige then the Gillio.

2013-07-15 21.24.13 2013-07-15 21.24.27

The strap of the Gillio is a lot wider (and the pen loop is on the correct side!), but… The Deco has that gorgeous lock!

2013-07-15 21.25.23

The Gillio has slightly larger rings, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how much the Deco can hold!

2013-07-15 21.25.06
By now, the Deco has been set up (more details on that later…) and the Gillio has been kissed, cuddled and sent off to a better home after my YouTube giveaway!

Any other Deco lovers out there?



Gillio Giveaway: contestants!

Wow, wow. Just… wow.

I did a video on YT announcing the giveaway of my Medium Compagna in Croco Grey, as you might have seen, and yesterday the final contestants sent me the links to their videos. The contest is now officially CLOSED!

You guys have been SO creative and inspiring, thank you for all of the effort put into this contest. I loved watching all of the videos and hearing all your creative ideas on the “ideal” GIllio planner.

I will announce the winner within the week, but I need to talk to the peeps at Gillio and see what they thought, plus some other ‘independant’ judges (my best friends!). But here are all the responses I received, for you to sit back and enjoy, and be inspired.

Please let me know if I forgot anyone, there were some problems with some of the video’s apparently…

Competing to win the Medium Compagna:

SecretAgentBover: www.youtube.com/watch?v=djuKUIKD2T­Y

Melanie0936: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpQr4aQsGp­s

BookRaterTV: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EifF4PnaLG­s

Amyandian2011: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYRmuwP5of­Y

TheLittleInk:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjuiBxB0Qx­M

Mysummertouch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAbrwqLTjnY

Charlotte P: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTRjhjGf_GM

ValsPrettyGlam: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH0E41G_A9aLkUnJZ5-S8HR0V8uF4S8ym

WhirlyBlossom: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFFs7Lv0d3­Q.

Soffr82: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDfLHJyVPt­M

Fluffycatsdad: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWUAX3gS7FY

Nongluckmanow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHd1-5LalcI

Good luck guys!

NIAS – stationery shop in Brussels

Hello lovelies,

when I went to another meeting at Gillio beginning of June, Tom was so kind to point out that there was actually a HUGE stationery shop just around their corner! I don’t visit Brussels often and I’s never heard of it, it’s called NIAS. They have Filofax and Gillio and soooooooo many other things.

I’m not going to waste your time writing about it, it’s stationery walhalla, I will let the many many many pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!

2013-06-13 15.23.01 2013-06-13 15.23.07 2013-06-13 15.23.29 2013-06-13 15.24.04 2013-06-13 15.24.40 2013-06-13 15.25.53 2013-06-13 15.26.06 2013-06-13 15.26.37 2013-06-13 15.26.42 2013-06-13 15.28.50 2013-06-13 15.29.31 2013-06-13 15.29.38 2013-06-13 15.29.57 2013-06-13 15.30.10 2013-06-13 15.30.23 2013-06-13 15.31.00 2013-06-13 15.31.31 2013-06-13 15.33.28 2013-06-13 15.33.46 2013-06-13 15.33.49 2013-06-13 15.35.31 2013-06-13 15.36.51 2013-06-13 15.36.58 2013-06-13 15.37.06 2013-06-13 15.38.24 2013-06-13 15.38.30 2013-06-13 15.44.47

A little Filo-Flashing…

… Or should I say; Gillio-Flashing?

Between all of the gorgeous planners I saw at Gillio, I couldn’t stop to think: they all look so NEW; I like mine a tiny bit scuffed, used and abused. Just to have that ‘I’m an avid user’-feeling.

Like many of you, I never get to this stage because I switch them out so often…:-)

Then, I saw Tom’s planner…